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Sta. Catalina getting better and going stronger more and more programs and services has a lot to offer to our members.

Who Are We?

An inferior municipality, Pres. Roxas in the 1980’s was an
idyllic agricultural community of settlers coming primarily from the Panay Island in the Visayas, and nearby towns in the Province of North Cotabato (Kidapawan, Matalam, Magpet, Antipas & Arakan). The main agricultural crops are rice, corn, sugarcane, coconut, banana, rubber and the recently introduced oil palm.

Looking back late in 1982, up to the early months of 1983, a long drought occurred in Mindanao, affecting many areas that included Pres. Roxas. In Pres. Roxas, farmlands dried up resulting in the loss of crops and income of many farmers. Failure of harvest led people to starve. People in Pres. Roxas came to seek help from the Catholic Church.

Programs and Services

Advocacy Program

Yearly conduct of Medical Check-up
Free Dental Extract
Bloodletting, FBS check-up
Operation Tuli, Feeding Program
Alagad Eskwela
Gender Awareness
Tree Planting, Youth workshop
Pamaskong Handog, Livelihood Training

Merchandising Program

Consumer Store
Motor Shop
SMB dealership
Gasoline Station
Car Wash & Vulcanizing Shop
Training Centre & Function Hall
Hostel Inn & Dormitory

Marketing Department

Buy & Sell agri-product
Rice Mill
Corn Sheller
Mechanical Dryer
Solar Dryer
Trucking Services
Repair & Welding Shop

Savings Program

Regular Savings
Associate Savings
Time Deposit
Save for the Future
Fixed Deposit
Solidarity Savings
Youth Savers Club/Aflatoun

Financial Services

Back to Back Loan, Business Loan
Agricultural Loan, Educational Loan
Pensioners Loan
Institutional Salary Loan
Emergency Loan, Fixed Asset Loan
Supervised Cacao Loan, SPEED Loan
GAF loan (gadget,appliance and furnitures)
Vehicle Loan
Cash Advance charge Agri-products
Credit Line

Other Services

COOP Assurance
FONUS Cooperative Funeral Homes

Become a member

As an organization that is owned and managed by the members, the cooperative is mandated to develop and implement programs and services aimed at improving the quality of life of members and maintain a high degree of transparency and accountability.

Principle and Practices

general assembly


Brgy. Cooperative
Refresher Course

Brgy. and School

Regular Conduct of
Pre-Membership Education Seminar

Farmers Training
and forum

Distribution on share
Capital & patronage refund

Recognized members by giving awards, Tokens and identification paraphernalia

Healthcare and
Mortuary assistance